Ask Tony



Sep 4, 1947

1 PM

East Hebron, NH

Took a day trip to White Mountains. Arrived back 6:00 P.M. This is wonderful country, you’d love it here.

It was nice and clear all day so we could really enjoy the scenery. Will probably see you Monday night.

Are you working hard as ever. Don’t do it you’ll get old too fast.

Ask Tony if he can do what the fellow on this card is trying to.

Take care of yourself.



Where have you been all my lives?



Sept. 2 1947

Yesterday (Sun.) I cleaned the car and does it look neat. Everyone up here loves the car and would like to have it (smart people)

Ashton’s came over for awhile. She popped corn and went to bed early. Even tho it’s Labor Day it seems like any other day.

You lose all track of time up here. Went to beach & took our lunch. Winkie took me for a boat ride tonight.

Mr. Ashton showed his moves outside after dark. A beautiful night with the moon showing.

Write to me. I miss you.

Love Marge.


For goodness sake



Postmarked: AUG 29, 1948

Dear Tony.

Thought I’d drop you a few lines and mail it this morning before the mailman came.

I just got up, so if this isn’t readable, you’ll know why. Harriet & I went to Rocky Glen (Amusement Park) last night and did we have fun. I’ll tell you all about later. I really was never so scared in my life.

Some of those things shouldn’t be allowed or we shouldn’t be so dumb to go on them. Tony, for goodness sake please bring me some chewing gum, if you come up. They don’t have it here.